The Book

The catalogue’s weight is more than 4 kilos and a decorative slipcase houses the 3 books (measures: 6x30,5x25 cm).

In book 1 and 2 all well known 100 LP-publications of Beatles LP-records are listed. But in here any edition with its individual faults, errors and misprints can be found. Only the LP “Help” is listed on 35 pages!
Book 3 containing so called samplers and sampler boxes with Beatles material on it.

Till today there is no comparable publication in German speaking area for that field of collecting. It’s really a “titbit” for any collector of Beatles LP- records.
During their most creative phase between 1963 and 1970, the Beatles had published thirteen studio albums, which all were well known in nearly the whole wide world. But do you know, that until today 100 LPs by the Fab Four do exist only in German speaking countries? Further there are more than 120 so-called samplers containing Beatles-songs, a really enormous lots of releases.

HELP! not only guiding through the years of Beatles releases, but also listing any edition with its individual peculiarities. Even you can find misprints and errors, very interesting not for collectors only.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3